Internal Code: MAS5676 Nursing Assignment Case Study: Mrs Spring is a 70 year- old woman who underwent a small bowel resection for bowel cancer at a metropolitan hospital on the morning of 21 May 2017. Mrs Spring was transferred to the Surgical ward post-operatively at 1430 hours following the procedure. A Medical Officer (MO) assessed Mrs Spring at 1630 hours on 21 May due to the patient reporting abdominal pain and distension. Mrs Spring’s distended abdomen and pain levels were documented in the patient’s health record by the MO and a phone call was made to report this information to the surgeon who performed the procedure. Analgesia was prescribed (10mg morphine SC) at 1715 hours to be given PRN 6 hourly in response to the patient’s reports of pain. Ms Tracey was the RN working on the 15-bed surgical ward with an Enrolled Nurse (EN) on 21 May. Ms Tracey had been a registered nurse for five years. As per hospital policy, Ms Tracey and the EN were the only two staff members rostered to the ward on night-shift that commenced at 2245 hours. Question: Write ethical, legal and professional responsibilities regarding the issue. 27 total views, 2 views today

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