Author: Welfel, E. R. (2016). Ethics in counseling and psychotherapy (6th ed.). Cengage Learning

Conduct a media search (e.g., local, regional or national newspapers, magazines, professional literature, Internet news) for articles in the past 10 years relating to unethical practice by mental health professional.

Write an APA about the ethical violation that includes the following: a summary the ethical violation by the mental health professional, the core ethical principles that were violated, any sanctions imposed, and your opinion about the violation and the outcome. This paper should be 4-5 pages in length not including title page, abstract, or references. You will have a minimum of five sources. In addition to your article, you should back up your arguments with at least one professional code of ethics (NOHS, APA, NASW, or ACA), and use the appropriate APA citation.

Add an abstract (An abstract should be approximately 150-250 words according to APA format). Please review p. 25 in your APA manual 6th edition for abstract instructions. Please do not copy and paste the instructions in this assignment into the body of your paper.

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