Internal code- MAS4091 E-Health assignment Environmental Health professionals are multi disciplinary – they are also known as “interface professionals” and one of the key attributes is their ability to source a wide range of information. Questions- Q1. Select an environmental health topic and write a report exploring the wide range of contributing literature. Assess the literature, relevance and usefulness to demonstrate your analytical ability and understanding of Environmental Health. Q2. Write a report exploring themes and influences running through a selected area of Environmental Health. You may choose the topic but the following are given below as a guide: Food production (e.g. shellfish, fruit) Air Water (e.g. Drinking water) Waste disposal (e.g. solid and /or liquid water disposal) Shelter (e.g. insulation or heating) Noise (e.g. Health impacts of Environmental or Recreational Noise) Health and hygiene issues in a specific sector (e.g. Early Childhood Education, rest homes, food premises) Health and social impacts of substance abuse (e.g. alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, prescription medicines) Environmental health impacts of contaminated land, or a specific problematic land use Your report will need to demonstrate an understanding of how environmental health relates to your chosen topic. You should cover any legislative, technological political influences, and outline any public debate in a factual and professional manner. 26 total views, 2 views today

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