Write a paper about Medical treatment for the elderly analyze the ethical issues from each end of the ethical spectrum (ultraconservative to ultraliberal).
? Identify at least 3 laws (federal or state) that influence provider or administrator behavior related to the issue that you identified.
? Analyze the laws in the context of the following options related to decision making:
o Legal and ethical
o Legal but unethical
o Illegal but ethical
o Illegal and unethical
? Identify and assess the impact of each of the decision options as it relates to patients providers and administrators.
? Describe the implementation process that an administrator could use to support a policy change for the selected issue from one that is technically legal but unethical to one that is although controversial legal and ethical.
? Include an explanation of the strategy that would be used to communicate the policy changes to employees of the health care organization and contracted medical providers or physicians.
? The body of the resultant paper should be 10 pages PLUS Abstract and References. It should include at least 7 relevant peer-reviewed academic or professional references that were published within the past 5 years.
? Use APA 6th edition

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