1. The problem of illicit drugs continues to stimulate debate. Who mostly uses i Show more In Personal Health: 1. The problem of illicit drugs continues to stimulate debate. Who mostly uses illicit drugs? Who abuses illicit drugs? Who is most at risk to become addictive? Referring to substance abuse strategies what methods do you think are most effective in reducing the harm associated with illicit and illegal drugs? What affect has drug usage played in your life? 2. Suppose you are a lobbyist fighting against the legalization of marijuana. Upon what would you base your argument/case? Why are some drugs illegal and others not? What characteristics or criteria do we use to determine if a drugs use is legitimate or illegitimate? What would you do to help solve the drug issue in the U.S.? 3.Drug and alcohol abuse cost taxpayers more than $294 billion in preventable health care costs extra law enforcement auto crashes crime and lost productivity. What are the costs that society pays for illegal drug use? What do you believe are the moral and ethical issues surrounding drug testing? Should all employees be subjected to drug tests or just those employees in high-risk jobs? 4. You come home early from work and find your daughter and her best friend experimenting with marijuana. Do you ignore the situation and hope that it is a one-time trial or do you confront the girls and discuss the health risks involved? If you chose to confront them what would you say to them to convince them that marijuana may be harmful to their health? Would you contact the parents of your daughters friend? If so how would you explain the situation to them? Show less

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