Internal code- MAS210 Health Care Assignment Questions- Case study questions(and prompts): Q1. What are the characteristics of the individuals in this case study? o Who are they? Where and how do they live? o What evidence can you find that supports this? o Information and statistics about household incomes, family structure, education, employment, housing Q2. What are the social determinants of health that are evident in the case study? (400 words) o What are the specific social determinants that apply to this case study? o How do these social determinants impact on the health and wellbeing of the individuals in the case study? o Refer to evidence that links social determinants to health issues Q3. Select one of these social determinants and describe the best way(s) to address this issue in order to have an impact on the whole of population? o This question requires you to think beyond the level of the individual to the community or population level o You may choose to focus on one strategy or discuss a range of strategies in your answer, however, please ensure that you discuss the strategy(ies) in enough depth to demonstrate your understanding o What strategies can you identify that relate to addressing the wider social determinants in your case study? o Are these strategies upstream, midstream and downstream? o Why are these strategies likely to work? What is the evidence to support this? Q4. What roles should health professionals play in addressing this issue? o This question requires you to consider the broader role of health professionals – beyond providing individual care or treatment. o What is the role of health professionals in addressing social determinants of health? 16 total views, 2 views today

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