Read Healthy People 2020Healthy People 2020: A Systematic Approach to Health Improvement. What are the major goals of Healthy People 2020? What are the interventions that are suggested? The means of reaching the goals are not solely dependent on allopathic medicine. How can nursing best contribute to this plan? What are the biggest barriers? How are the objectives being targeted? How is health care financed for vulnerable populations? What is your role as a nursing professional? What role does Healthy People 2020 play in the development of a nurses professionalism?
Support your statements with specific references from the readings and any outside sources that you have discovered. Cite at least three references in the finished work. The references must be from peer-reviewed nursing sources and should be from sources published within the last 3 years.This does not include Healthy People 2020 that also must be cited. Save your project in a Microsoft Word document.You should refrain from using quotes in any of your papers. I view the use of quotes as providing information about what someone else thinks. I am more interested in what you think and what you have selected from the literature to support your ideas through your analysis and synthesis. If there is excessive use of direct quotes it distracts from your demonstration of critical thinking and analysis to meet the requirements of the assignment. You will lose points.
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