Mercy Health System (Exhibit 1.9) has two staff rewards. One is “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” and the second one is “Someone to Admire and Respect.” Nominations come from patients, colleagues, and guests. Should every well-managed healthcare organization have a similar program? Can you describe to a customer stakeholder why the program is (or is not) a good idea? 2. Define strategic protection. Why is it important? What can an HCO do to protect its funds? Its plant and equipment? Its associates? Its reputation? 3. Explain: How do the needs of healthcare teams differ? Think of caregiving teams, clinical support teams, logistic support teams, and strategic support teams in your answer. 4 Explain how would you evaluate the HCO’s culture? What measures show that the culture is effective? How would you identify opportunities for improvement in the culture? 5. Explain the statement “Patients are the focus of healthcare, and in the twenty-first century patients are commonly treated by teams.” Is this statement true? If it’s true, what makes a team succeed? How do you get high performance from a team? What sorts of problems impair team performance, and what can be done about them?

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