Internal Code : MAS611 Nursing Assignment Questions : Over 200 years ago there were over 400 cultural and language groups within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Select and research what makes up the culture of a particular group of Aboriginal and/ or Torres Strait Islander People within Australia. Particularly look at the following areas . 1. What makes up their understanding of the world (i.e. their spirituality, myths/ legends, beliefs?) 2. What are the social structures within their culture (i.e. relationships with each other, tribal/ group structures, tribal/ group laws, traditional roles within their cultural and family groups?) 3. What are the cultural views in relation to their environment (i.e. resource management, housing, employment, traditional medicine, illness) 4.How might their cultural beliefs impact upon their experiences within an Australian Health Care setting? 5.How might you as an Enrolled Nurse find and utilise appropriate resources to assist you with providing and your client accepting culturally appropriate nursing care to assist them within a health care setting 22 total views, 4 views today

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