Find and read the highest court level decision in the Canadian case of McArdle Estate v. Cox, and briefly answer the following questions:What court levels decided this case, in what jurisdiction, and when? Provide all legal citations.Write a case brief of no more than 300 words describing the relevant facts, the legal issues, and the reasons for the highest court level decision.Describe and identify legal authority for the part of Canadian health care that is under the legal jurisdiction of the federal government. Describe and identify legal authority for the part under the legal jurisdiction of the provincial governments. What legal mechanisms are available if there is disagreement about this division of jurisdiction?From a regulatory as well as a public policy perspective, what are the differences between an exclusive scope of professional practice and a right to title for health care professionals? Compare and contrast some advantages and disadvantages of each model.Does the law always protect a health provider who has followed established professional practice? Explain why or why not, and identify the sources of law to support your explanation.

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