In this paper, you will consider and contextualize the personal viewpoint of one individual?s experience of health, disease and healthcare in our current culture. Using a personal essay from the ?Narrative Matters? section of the journal Health Affairs, you will discuss and explain how the main issues raised by your author relate to the broader historical context in our current culture, including a comparison to a relevant past historical context. Your paper should have a political, socio-economic, cultural theme that recognizes the social determinants of health. Your paper should connect society and health issues. ? Present and describe your article: you should make sure to identify who the author is in terms of their personal/professional background, explain the viewpoint of the author and the main themes of the article. What is the main thesis/argument of the article and what kinds of evidence does the author use to support their thesis/argument? Consider your own reaction to this author?s personal viewpoint as well. ? Contextualize the article: How can you tell this article was written in the in the present day? What does it tell us about our current culture in terms of health policy, issues that matter to Americans currently concerning public health, the healthcare system and healthcare professionals, or other current health concerns?think about subjects primarily addressed in readings or films in second half of course (as listed on the course outline): ?Compare this viewpoint with a past time period, and reflect on how this article would have been different if written at a different specified time.

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