What do you intend to write about? An introduction tells the reader what to expect in the essay. A good introduction gains the reader’s attention and generates interest Write in the third person (i.e. this assignment will…..or the author will). Refer to the assignment task – The writer will discuss factors that impact on health and well-being by first……This will be followed by……..The assignment will then….The author will conclude with….. State that you will be referring to a personal wellness throughout the assignment. 100 – 200 words Define health behaviours Distinguish between behaviours that enhance health (behavioural immunogens) and behaviours that are harmful or risky to health (behavioural pathogens). Give some examples of behavioural immunogens and behavioural pathogens both from the literature and from your own wellness plan. What is the evidence that supports the view that these behaviours either enhance or harm health? Look at the presentations on health enhancing and risk behaviours and influences on health 500 words Influences on Health Behaviour What determines whether someone engages in health enhancing/risk behaviours from a psychological point of view? Refer to your wellness plan. Have you been able to maintain any behavioural change? There is a lot you can write about here so you will need to be selective. You could write about Personal factors – personality, attitudes, locus of control, self efficacy, unrealistic optimism

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