The ability for a healthcare leader to communicate in writing is a vital skill. Weak written communication skills can negatively affect your reputation and your career. This assignment will give you the opportunity to practice the art of writing.
Your assignment is to write a 1-1 page opinion paper that is:
o Cover sheet with Running head
o Header (Abstract not needed)?
o References page
o 12 pt Times New Roman font
o 1-inch margins all around
Include 1 reference that supports your understanding of what health care administration is within the body of your paper.
o The reference must come from a peer-reviewed article.?
o Reference must be APA cited within your paper and APA formatted in your References page
Because this is an opinion paper writing in the first person is completely acceptable. Your opinion paper should DIRECTLY respond to the following questions in this order:
(1) How do you personally define health care administration? (I define health care administration as)
(2) Why do you define it this way (and how does your article support your definition)? (I define it this way because)?
(3) Your conclusion?
Proofread your work!
Check to see if this has been done
?Define Health Care Administration
?Why this definition
?Article(s) support

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