Author: Welfel, E. R. (2016). Ethics in counseling and psychotherapy (6th ed.). Cengage Learning

Discussion Forum

Parents are naturally protective of the privacy of their families and are frequently uncomfortable with school personnel having access to private family information.
They are also rightfully concerned about what happens to their children at school.

1. How can school counselors respect those wishes and yet still serve adolescent students who want to discuss family matters with them without parental knowledge?

2.What plans can high school counselors develop when they have a teenager in their office asking for and needing advice and information about behaviors about which their parents would be disapproving?

3. What happens if school counselors refuse to offer counseling that parents would dislike and refer all students to resources outside of school? Is choice? Why or why not?

Back up your argument with at least one statement from the NOHS ethical code. You may also utilize one of the following ethical codes for additional support: APA, NASW, or ACA, and use the appropriate APA citation.

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