Healthcare Ethics 1. What do you think are the key components of an informed c onsent in the provision of health care or in y our specialty field? 2. Can you provide an example from your specialty practice where consent is not obtained prior to treatment or care being given? 3. Do you think that paternalism is ever ethica lly justifiable in the provision of clinical treatment or care? 4. How easy is it for members of your profession to advocate for a patient or client if you believe adequate consent was not obtained for a particular treatment or procedure? 5. What groups are particularly vulnerable in y our clinical practice area when it comes to ensuring that there is informed consent given to the provision of c linical treatment or care? 6. What are some of the cult ural, social or spiritual fact ors that may influence decision making for your patients or clients when it comes to informed consent? 7. What national and international ethical frameworks are available for you to ensure ethical practice when it comes to informed consent?

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