Analyzing Epidemiological Data
Review the CDC and Healthy People 2020 Web sites from the studies earlier in this unit and define the issues under study relative to prevention. What data analysis tools does the CDC utilize to measure areas of health promotion or disease prevention in the overall U.S. population and what is the major focus for the Healthy People 2020 initiatives? Suggest possible measures needed to accomplish the Healthy People 2020 goals.
Use your textbook to complete the following:
Chapter 10 The Aging US Population: An Increasing Diverse Population pages 241265.
Here is the book: Prez M. A. &Luquis R. R. (Eds.). (2014). Cultural competence in health education and health promotion (2nd ed.). San Francisco CA: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 9781118347492.
Use the Capella University Library to complete the following:
Denton and Spencers 2010 article Chronic Health Conditions: Changing Prevalence in an Aging Population and Some Implications for the Delivery of Health Care Services from Canadian Journal on Aging volume 29 issue 1 pages 1121.
The following Internet resources will help as you prepare for your Unit 3 assignment:
The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions CDC WONDER online databases.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicessHealthy People 2020 site.
Capellas RN to MSN Library Research Guide.

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