Healthcare Assignment: 1) Describe what constitutes “behaviour of concern”. a) Define what constitutes behaviour of concern. b) Provide a range of examples of such behaviour. c) How are such behaviours related to needs? d) How behaviours of concern relate to the “social model of disability” and the potential social devaluation that may occur for the person as a result of their negative behaviour 2) Describe how you can apply a person-centred approach when you are working with a participant to minimise their behaviours of concern. a)What constitutes a person-centred approach. b)How you can apply this approach in an individualised way. c) How you can consider the person’s individual needs, strengths, capabilities and preferences when engaging with them in their everyday life so as to minimise their behaviours of concern. d)How you would go about motivating the person to want to minimise their behaviours of concern and when you would seek assistance if needed. e) Identify any safety issues that may be relevant. 22 total views, 2 views today

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