Public health intervention Pick a (public or private) health intervention/initiative and write about its history, background, rationale; how it was created and why and by whom. (Whether you pick the MMR vaccine or seatbelts, bicycle helmets or child safety seats, low fat foods or sugarless drinks) try to think about a time when the thing in question did not exist and ask yourself: how did it come about? What research, what background, what reasoning went into it being formed? Who did it and why? Was it difficult? Was there political or other resistance? Was it responding to a genuine need and what kind of statistics were used to justify it? You cannot cover a topic in major depth in four or five pages but what I would like to see you do is think deeply about one small aspect of one of the many so called healthy choices, healthy interventions that certainly you as a group take for granted (and often assume have been around forever when in fact many of these are only a few decades old.

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