Internal Code: MAS3642 Health Care Assignment: Diabetes mellitus is a major world health problem. Treatment and management of diabetics is a very significant issue for governments, society and both pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies. Completing this assignment will help you to gain a deeper understanding of diabetes mellitus. The length of this assignment excluding graphs, figure legends and references should be no more than 1000 words. The % of marks allocated to each section is a guide to the word length for that section. Where appropriate references should be included using the Harvard System cited appropriately in the text with correct formatting in the reference list. As a guide, a minimum of 4 but no more than about 12 references should be used. You are advised to use references from both primary and secondary sources. Questions: 1) Why is the disease given the name diabetes mellitus? How does diabetes mellitus differ from diabetes insipidus? 2) Individuals with the diabetes mellitus are classified into two main groups. What are they and what is the basis of the classification system used? 3) How are patients diagnosed as diabetics? What treatment options are most used to manage this condition? 4) What changes in the metabolism of glucose and fat (triglycerides) are observed in this disease? What symptoms might a diabetic show as a result of these metabolic changes and why do these occur? 5) What potential would long-term problems a pharmacist need to be aware of when advising a diabetic client? 23 total views, 2 views today

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