Discussed the significance of social structures on health and illness. In the newest version of the DSM, the following disorders (but not limited to) have been either included for the first time or modified: Bereavement Exclusion (removal from Depression), Internet Gaming Disorder, Hoarding Disorder, and Gender Dysphoria. Selectoneof the disorders. In one to two double-spaced pages, briefly discuss the selected diagnosis (You can start here: http://www.dsm5.org/Pages/Default.aspx The box on the bottom right has diagnoses that have changed) and talk about the implications of the medicalization of the diagnosis. Remember we’re focusing on medicalization; not necessarily on how the disorder affects people per se, but on how changing what is considered a medical problem or not affects people.Talk about the implications of the medicalization of the diagnosis. For example, which social group(s) might be more or less likely to be diagnosed with this based on these new criteria? What are the social consequences and the social benefits of having the condition medicalized in this way? What would a cure look like in terms of how you would expect the person to behave or feel once s/he is cured?

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