Internal Code: MAS6048 Business Strategy Assignment: The negotiation plan is formulated between a five-star hotel namely The Taj hotel & Westpac bank. The Clients are interested in organizing a cocktail party and a Christmas party but they both will be scheduled at different points of time throughout the year. The cocktail party will be conducted once a month and the large meeting will be structured to happen twice a year. The negotiation is done with the Westpac bank, being said they are a global company and they could easily pose to be one of our most important clients if our relation maintained with them is good. Westpac bank is a reputed company and maintaining a healthy relationship with them could act fruitful to the hotel not only in term s of monetary benefits but also prestige and will surely impact our goodwill. Question: 1. What sources of information do you use to proactively seek and establish new business relationships? E.g. new suppliers/industry networks 2. Would you be able to explain whom you establish ongoing business relationships with, and how important are marketing networks in this process? 3. What are the benefits of establishing these relationships? 4. What opportunities do you take to maintain regular contact with your customers and suppliers, and how do you nurture and maintain these relationships? A minimum of 2 examples required 5. Identify and explain any beneficial relationships that this business could establish that have not already been explored. 18 total views, 2 views today

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