What are strategies that managers or leaders can use to promote or facilitate a change? (4) Answer above question in 200 words 1 reference peer review (5) Please respond to this post in 125 words and 1 reference Change can be difficult for anyone and some nurses are more open to change than others. A great example is when many practices, hospitals and other medical facilities transitioned from paper charts to EMR and advances in their technology. There are surgeons who still complain about the transition even though it has already been two years where I currently work. Nursing management and administrators need to take into consideration different change theories when implementing new programs as they transition to electronic medical records. Lewin’s Theory of Change is one that can be applied to any facility in a variety of nursing specialties. The concept of the theory is to break away from how things have been done in the past and prepare those involved for the upcoming change to take place in the near future. Next it is to move forward with the change providing support, training and expect those who are going to drag their feet. Finally, the change is in place and there is continued support, recognition for those who have transitioned and listen to what is working and what is not so that adjustments can be made to improve the new system of change. Also continue to strive for acceptance and openness with everyone participating in the change while continuing support and communication for a successful transition utilizing the Lewin’s Theory of Change. (Shirey, 2013).

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