Introduction to the American Health Systems Paper instructions: Prepare a short answer to the following questions. Some may be one to two paragraphs and some longer. 1. Discuss the changing nature of the products of the pharmaceutical industry with regard to diseases and conditions being targeted? 2. What is the role of the pharmaceutical industry in drug research? 3. What is the relationship between drugs and the organization and delivery of health services? 4. What are the regulatory and legal issues related to drug and pharmaceutical development? 5. Describe the general employment trends in the health services system. 6. Discuss the trends in the nursing profession. 7. Discuss the trends in the dental profession. 8. Discuss trends with in the medical profession (allopaths and osteopaths). 9. Discuss trend with regard to physician assistants and nurse practitioners. 10. What are some of the major underlying ideas or principles regarding health policy making in the United States? 11. Describe the role of the federal government in health policy? 12. Discuss what quality of care is and how measure it. 13. What are some desirable attributes of clinical practice guidelines? 14. What are the cardinal principles of medical ethics? 15. What is the difference between medical ethics and public health ethics? 16. What are some ethical issues in developing resources? 17. What are some ethical issues in the delivery of health services? Briefly discuss each. 18. What are some mechanisms for resolving ethical issues in health care? 19. What do you see as the future for Health Care in the United States?

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