Internal Code – MAS3532 Nursing Assignment Research Report For some clinical areas, the evidence for best practice is well established. In other areas, the reason why practice is conducted in a certain way is less clear and there is scope to make practice better and achieve better outcomes for clients/patients.The aim of Part B of Assessment Three is for you to identify a clinical issue and propose a research question about this clinical issue. You are to then review the literature to see if there exists evidence to answer your research question. Question – 1. Propose a research question NSG2NMR 2017 Assessment 3 V1.0 Page 3 of 5 2. Conduct a literature search and identify literature relevant to the research question. Append the search history to the assignment. 3. Write a Literature Review that describes what is already known about the research question. 4. Consider how well the existing literature addresses your research question?In answering this question consider if your research question has been fully answered, partially answered, or not answered at all.What further research could be conducted (and its characteristics such as design, sample, outcome measures) that might provide important information to answer your research question AND what are some ethical considerations that apply to these possible research studies. 20 total views, 2 views today

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