Introduce the healthcare organization you have selected for your topic Show more Introduction and perspective Introduce the healthcare organization you have selected for your topic explain its mission describe whether it is a for profit or a not-for profit organization and indicate the community it serves. 1- Obtain a copy of the organizations two recent consecutive years financial statements. The financial statements can be obtained in the organizations website or by contacting responsible individuals in the organization. 2- Interpret the organizations statements of cash flows. 3- Use ratio analysis to identify the organizations specific financial strengths and weaknesses. Focus on key findings and one or two ratios per category. Also use graphs or other techniques to summarize the data. 4- Write about the organizations profitability/ income. One of the most popular ratios used to gauge profitability (income) is net income. 5- Calculate the companys leverage or debt level. One of the most popular debt ratios is debt equity. 6- Research the companys liquidly (access to cash). One of the most popular liquidly measures are referred to as working capital. 7- Summarize your evaluation of the organizations financial condition and present your views on the potential underlying economic and managerial factors that might have caused any problems that surfaced in the financial and operating analysis. 8- Make any recommendations for upper level management in terms of improving performance based on the ratios that you believe the organization should follow to ensure future financial soundness. 9- Include financial statements of the specific organization you are working on in the papers appendix. It can also be helpful to include organizations tax information (if available). Show less

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