Cole, Neil. Church Transfusion: changing your church organically – from the inside out. San Francisco, ca. Jossey -Bass, 2012 Summarize the themes, concepts, and principles of the book. Do not simply restate the contents of each chapter or section. In this section, identify the themes, concepts, and principles the author is presenting. Express these items in your own words and support them with parentical references where the material may be found in the text. Demonstrate that you have identified the themes, concepts, and or principles by expressing them clearly in your own words. Critique – what you read state position on the text and support it well. If you agree say so and support it. If not say so and support. The critic of the text must stand on the Merits of the text alone. Evaluation- evaluate the book value in its larger academic context. Simply state/show if and how the book contributes to the field of church health. If you decide the text is beneficial then once again support your statement in tangible ways and do the same if you take reverse position. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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