At least 4 academic articles/books as references
Effective chronic disease management programs are key to improving clinical outcomes and achieving healthcare reform. 75% of healthcare spend is on patients with one or more chronic disease and healthcare is 5 times more expensive for a chronic disease patient than someone with no chronic diseases. Additionally 7 out of 10 deaths is due to chronic disease. The current healthcare system is fragmented and does not effectively manage chronic diseases. A new focus is beginning to develop programs for chronic disease patients and these programs are critical to having better survival rates and better overall clinical outcomes. Additionally healthcare reform will continue to struggle and chronic disease management programs could move the system to a better place to have healthcare reform work.
Offences and Defences in Environmental Health Law
Summarise the Offences and Defences in Environmental Health Law in relation to each of the 4 main intervention areas of Housing Food safety Health and Safety and Environmental Health nuisances and evaluate their differences and similarities?
(Similarities and differences could be on punishment fines time to respond in order to appeal some of the notices defences and whether the act prescribes any action or not).
Harvard References- Guide of 12 in total (work must contain in-text references all through). They should include journal articles legislation policy books/chapters and occasionally a websites (works without in-text references will note be accepted).

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