Select an ethical violation of healthcare informatics. Using the ETHICAL model for ethical decision making in Chapter 5 pages 78-80 in the text by McGonigle & Mastrian describe how the situation could have been handled differently. (pdf of ETHICAL Model attached above.)
Information sharing is extremely important in any learning experience. Your fellow classmates are
excellent resources for information and different perspectives. Previous students have asked for more of
an opportunity to collaborate and share views on certain topics such as ethics and quality
improvement initiatives. For those reasons I have incorporated two Discussion Board assignments
addressing those topics this semester.
Each student is required to post a brief (one paragraph) response to the posted assignment. In addition
students may respond to others postings. Although APA format is not required in discussion boards the
use of good grammar and spelling is expected. Responses to others should address concerns they raise
without engaging in personal challenges. Keep postings brief and to the point. Be respectful of others
ideas and comments by choosing your words carefully considering how the reader might interpret

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