Select a state regulation from a state of your choice on one of the below topics.Prepare an annotated copy of the regulation including the sections you reviewed to answer the questions in the following format:
Prepare a four (4) to five (5) page written response addressing all information in the following table. Text must be double spaced. Also include a cover page and a reference page in APA Format (these do not count toward the page limit). Review the bolded formatting requirements in the Class Guidelines section of the Syllabus. Highlight five (5) notable parts of the regulation.For each of the parts describe how the patient provider product developer health care organization and/or payer may be impacted. Remember to write in narrative format except for titles. Use citations and attach the notated regulation.You must submit your topicin Week Five. Note a maximum of three (3) students may select the same topic. The topics are as follows:
Patients must consent to participate in research studies including granting permission to use their biological tissues for tissue banks or organ banks
CLARIFICATION: Select ONE specific state regulation/law from ONE state that addresses your chosen topic.Then highlight/selectFIVE notable parts of the regulation.Then ina paper format (NOT in the table) answer all the inquires from the table. That includes analyzing all five parts of the regulation and its impact on the noted stakeholders in the table.

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