Select a specific issue confronting your healthcare organization that you can effectively address through your capstone program proposal. Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Introduction This should include a brief statement of the problem purpose of program and its impact on your selected healthcare issue. Identify the issue to be addressed and include an accurate and detailed overview of the issue including a discussion of the effect of your identified issue on population health outcomes vulnerable populations and your organizations healthcare reimbursement policies and procedures. In general include all information that you think is necessary to establish a comprehensive analysis and foundation for understanding your chosen issue and proposed program. This section should also describe your target audience (such as healthcare executives administrators and clients) in relation to this proposal and why your proposal would be relevant for this audience. For example how might your proposal help hospital administrators make effective and ethical decisions surrounding patient safety and quality? provide an overview of the problem and its impacts on outcomes policies and procedures. Identify the populations affected and the target audience

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