The most common therapy for warts is cryotherapy in wh Show more Please show all of your work will rate 5/5 The most common therapy for warts is cryotherapy in which liquid nitrogen is applied to the area of the wart every few weeks freezing it for a few seconds until the wart falls off. This isnt as painful as it sounds but requries a physicians attention and for some patients is chilling to contemplate. An alternative therapy presumably based on the theory that it works to fix everything else is to put duct tape on the warts and leave it there for a week at a time until the wart goes away. In a randomized trial 51 patients with warts were randomly assigned to a cryotherapy treatment or a duct tape treatment. Of 25 patients treated with duct tape 20 had their warts completely cured. With the liquid nitrogen treatment 17 of 26 patients were cured of their warts. Provide the following in your answer: (i) appropriate null and alternative hypotheses with alpha level. (ii) test the hypothesis using 2 different types of statistical tests. One of these you can show your calculations for the other you use a website applet provided in the lab and in class notes. (iii) provide a concluding statement associated with each of the tests. Show less

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