Food Safety Plan Project Part A 1. You are required to review (or develop) an existing food safety plan as may exist in your workplace or organisation. A review needs to reflect the requirements for a Food safety plan as outlined in the attached document “guide to develop food safety program”. 2. Where no organisational information for a food safety plan exists, you are required to develop this by using the provided template and the associated guide, following each section in detail and reflecting your organisation. You are required to list all food products as relevant, including descriptions for each dish or product, a process flow chart for each and conduct a hazard analysis reflecting the flowchart processes identified. Part B You are required to implement the developed food safety plan and critically reflect on the key aspects for successful implementation, communication requirements, monitoring and continuous improvement of processes and procedures in a report. Include in your report: 1. How did you prepare for the implementation? 2. Who did you consult with? 3. Provide an overview of briefing details provided to your colleagues 4. Which communication channels have you put in place to communicate issues in a timely manner? 5. Which processes and procedures have you implemented to ensure all processes are and will be followed correctly? 6. How will you evaluate and monitor each aspect of the food safety program? 7. Which steps have you put in place to identify improvements to your processes and procedures and include these in a timely manner? 35 total views, 2 views today

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