Internal Code : MAS4390 Nursing Assignment Scenario : Mr Paul Peters has been admitted to the cardiac unit with a NSTEMI. His current condition is unstable and his ECG shows some abnormal rhythm. His current observations are: T36.5, HR 88, RR 18, BP 110/70, and his oxygen sats are 96%. He weights 88kgs and he is aged 50. He still works as a factory worker at the Ginger factory. He admits to drinking 6 stubbies of beer a night. He smokes a packet of cigarettes a day and has done this for 30 years. He does little exercise, but his job involves being on his feet all day. On assessment of Paul’s knowledge of his condition, he admits that he only did Grade 7 of primary school, and really cannot read well. Questions : Part A : 1. Apply the physiology and pathophysiology to this patients’ current condition. 2.Apply evidence based principles to correctly assess this patient. Detail the types of assessment you would do now for this patient in their current state. Use a systems framework to do this. eg CNS, CVS, Respiratory, Abdo, renal and social/ other. 3.Plan the appropriate care for this patient, being aware of the prioritisation needed. Highlight 3 main areas. Part B : The patient is now day 4 post NSTEMI. His arrhythmia has stabilised and is preparing to be discharged from hospital. Please outline the discharge advice for this patient and what educational considerations may be needed for this patient, considering the principles of equity, self- determination, rights and access to this case. 16 total views, 2 views today

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