An assignment based on Drugs Act 2005 that should be a critical analysis of the piece of legislation being examined (making use of information relating to the purpose
form and processes of legislation acquired in the course of the module) and must include in relation to the enactment in question the following elements:
A. Outline
An outline of the enactment describing its general form identifying and describing its key provisions including any delegated powers and summarising its legislative
history (including the date or dates when it has come or is intended to come into force).
B. Policy
A description of the policy which the enactment is designed to implement outlining the pre-legislative development of that policy and identifying any consultative
processes and their outcome.
C. Pre-existing law
A statement of the pre-existing law in the rea to which the enactment relates drawing attention to those features of the pre-existing law which needed to be changed
before effect could be given to the policy on which the enactment was based.
D. Consideration by the legislature
A description of the passage of the enactment through the legislature identifying the issues of principle and detail raised by legislators and others and what
response was generated including any significant amendments to the proposed enactment before it was finally passed.
E. Critique
A critical analysis of the enactment discussing the extent to which it appears to have achieved its objective and identifying any or its provisions that are
controversial or may give rise to legal or practical difficulties of implementation.

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