Clearly state the 2 key areas of concern you have chosen (1 slide)
o What 2 issues from the scenario will you address in your workshop? You will not be able to address all of the issues. You want to create a focused training.
• Explain why the 2 key areas of concern you have chosen are important in the field of health literacy (1 – 3 slides)
o Discuss why they are issues. Make sure to use examples from the course materials to support your claims.
• Develop your own working definition of health literacy as you would for your training participants (1 – 2 slides).
• Support your claims with materials from the course readings (references – 1 slide).
o Institute of Medicine: Health Literacy a Prescription to End Confusion-
o Chapter 2: What is Health Literacy?
o Chapter 3: The Extent and Associations of Limited Health Literacy

Guidelines for Submission: It is required that you submit this assignment in a PowerPoint Slides format (1 cover slide, 5-7 content slides). The point is to craft a professional presentation that would be viewed by a potential boss. Review the attached Effective Presentation Toolkit attachment for information on professional formatting techniques.

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