Internal Code: MAS3904 Questions 1:To complete this task refer to your reading: Guide to the National Quality Framework. Established in 2012, the National Quality Framework has five key components that apply to the family day care educator. List the five key components. 1. National law act 2. Regulations 3. NQS 4. EYLF 5. NQS Question 2: The National Law and the National Regulations set out a number of offences. Infringement notices and penalties may be issued for offences to the Co-ordination Unit and individual educators. List seven offences that may attract a penalty. 1.Inadequately supervising children 2.Using inappropriate methods of discipline 3.Failing to protect children from harm and hazards 4.Not meeting minimum staffing requirements, including ratios and qualifications 5.Failing to provide the required educational program 6.failing to ensure that the service’s furniture and equipment are safe, clean and in good repair 7.Not maintaining records in a confidential manner Question 3: Family day care educators work within National Law and National Regulations and are also required to comply with a range of Local, State/Territory and Federal Government legislation. List ten areas of legislation relevant to the provision of care. 1. Child protection 2. Family law for (custody orders etc) 3. Child support (for child care benefits) 4. Human rights and anti-discrimination 5. Work health and safety 6. Public health (for the Immunisation Register, etc) 7. Privacy and personal information protection 8. Food safety 9. Fire safety regulations and standards 10. Employment (such as the Fair Work Act 2009) 41 total views, 2 views today

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