An extended discussion of a topic relating to a section of the course i.e
the debate on traditional Chinese medicine
1. Is there a universal model of science? Is the modern science defined by Needham and Ducheyne universal?
2. Would every civilization eventually develop modern science ? Or should they?
3. Is there a Great Divide between the West and all other civilizations? If there is what is this Great Divide?
4. Is there anything wrong with the construct of the Great Divide in its views of science and modernity? If there is what is it?
5. What are the reasons that makes a universal definition of science difficult? Is it possible to define science one day in the future?
6. If it is possible to imagine a Chinese Science what it would be like? Clark-Grill Questionable Gate-keeping: Scientific Evidence for Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM): Response to Malcolm Parker
Peter Harman The Scientific Revolution. ebook available from the Library;
Brindley Erica Fox Music Cosmology and the Politics of Harmony in Early China chapter one. ebook available from the Library.
Other complementary readings see posted Journal articles and book chapters.

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