Carefully read the Measuring Stigma in People with Lung Cancer.article and respond to the
following questions in a Word document using APA format. Please be sure all lines are double
spaced and a 12-point Times New Roman font is used. Please include the questions with
your answers for clarity.

No cover page is required for this assignment but please put your last name in the header of the document and save and label the document with your last name and Instrument

Instrument (Psychometric) Development Article Questions Can you tell from the title that this research study is going to be about developing and testing a new instrument?
Who are the intended participants?
Is the sample size adequate to produce accurate results? (Not in a pilot test).
What is the number of questions on the initial scale/instrument before any psychometric testing?
Did the authors use test-retest for reliability comparing for stability over time?
What is the Cronbachs reported for the instrument as a whole and for any factors (subscales)?
How were the different kinds of validity measured? What validity measures did the author(s)

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