In this pack of COM 480 Week 2 Individual Assignment Organizational Communication Analysis Part II – Interpersonal and Intercultural Paper you will find:
Resource: The Virtual Organizations Portal
Choose one of the three critical events listed below that would affect communication within your selected Virtual Organization:
Leadership change such as a change in the chief executive officer or superintendent political change or major changes in management department heads
Reorganization such as a merger or takeover; change in community or industry image or stature; gaining or losing accreditation; political change; or major employment changes such as outsourcing layoffs expansion and foreign labor
Crisis within an industry
Business: ethical violations technological malfunction major financial loss
Schools: change in stature ethical violations violence major gang or drug incident
Health care: wrongful death medication error ethics violation
Government: mismanagement of funds ethical violations lack of response or preparedness conflicting parties
Note. You must use your chosen critical event throughout all subsequent weekly assignments.
Write a 1400- to 1750-word paper.
Address how your selected Virtual Organizational critical event affects the following:
Interpersonal communication ethics
Perceptions of power
Communication during conflict
Intercultural and diversity conflict
Communication climate
Identify what communications theories apply to this organization. You may choose from the following communications theories:
General Systems theory
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Social Exchange Theory
Social Penetration Theory
Face-negotiation theory
Any other communication theory you studied in your BS/COM coursework. You may reference Introducing Communication Theory: Analysis and Application by R. West & L.H. Turner in the University Library eBook collection.
Explain how the application of a theoretical perspective would help the organization respond to this critical event.
Describe how the implementation of effective communication strategies might help the organization overcome this negative situation and arrive at a positive outcome.
Include a minimum of four academic sources.

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