Chapter 13 Human Resource Management: A Line Managers PerspectiveQUESTIONS1. Explain the relationship of the human resources department to the rest of the organization, especially the line departments or patient care functions.2. What has been the primary reason for the growth in the number of necessary employee-related tasks over the past four decades?3. Why should Human Resources report to the highest practical level in the organization?4. Why is it advisable to involve Human Resources in significant disciplinary actions?5. What the primary functions of documentation are as contained in the record or the personnel file? Describe each of the functions, evaluating and explaining the importance of each.Chapter 14 Communication: The Glue That Binds Us TogetherQUESTIONS1. In an exchange of thoughts or ideas with another person, why is it often essential to be able to talk with the individual face-to-face?2. Identify three signs or actions that suggest you may have intruded into another persons personal space.3. In the organizational hierarchy, why does information seem to travel downward more effectively than upward?4. What is the primary shortcoming of the grapevine, and how can we adjust or compensate for it? Evaluate the use of the grapevine for organizational purposes.5. It has often been claimed that the greatest barrier to getting essential information communicated upward from the work force is managements failure to act on previous information. Why might this be so?

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