The Primary Care Clinic
A small primary care clinic has 69 employees representing 9 different clinical professions and 12 other
skills. It operates two (2) sites one (1) of which is bigger and has the departments for medical specialists
diagnostic labs and patient services. The clinic also contracts for a variety of services such as repair and
maintenance referral specialists and advanced diagnostic services.
You are the manager. You report to the owners who are four (4) of the family practitioners and their
wives. Two of the wives still work at the clinic as registered nurses.
Write a five to seven (5-7) page paper in which you:
1. Discuss the key political economic and social forces that may have influenced the development
of the clinic.
2. Create a comprehensive mission statement and explain what makes it a comprehensive mission
3. Identify three (3) performance measures you would use to measure the clinics effectiveness and
provide the rationale for each performance measure.
4. Describe how you would approach decisions regarding clinic expansion and annual plan
5. Describe the role of the clinic as a component of the healthcare delivery system in your
6. Examine how public healthcare policy has influenced the formation of outpatient clinics in the
healthcare system.

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