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This is a course of health policy and the order needs a high level of professional writer who knows epidemiology and methodology and has a good background in health policy research field and knows to work with 3-I framework
**** Article commentary (500 words) you will submit a commentary (500 words maximum) on at least one of the week s core readings (i.e. a major conceptual or theoretical paper or an application of a theory or empirical analysis; shorter review articles don t count). The commentary should briefly identify the main argument developed in the paper its contribution to the week s topic/objectives and how the theory/concept or its application improved your understanding of a current health policy issue ( one that you have been involved in previously:
**The article you will write 500 words related to the instructions that mentioned above is:
Biller-Adorno N Lie R and Termeulen R. 2002. Evidence-based medicine as an instrument for rational health policy. Health Care Analysis; 10 261-75.

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