Evidence-Based Practice Models
explore key factors that contribute to patient safety challenges using root cause analysis. This week builds on that foundational awareness with a focus on the application of evidence-based practice models as a strategy to improve patient safety and other quality dimensions. In this Discussion consider how these strategies can sustain practice changes.
To prepare: Review the information presented in the Learning Resources focusing on how health care organizations change clinical practice and organizational processes to improve patient health outcomes. Then reflect on a time when a clinical practice improvement initiative was implemented at your workplace.
Identify the goals of the improvement initiative and timeline over which the change occurred.
Determine whether or not an evidence-based practice model was utilized in the decision-making process for the change initiative and evaluate its usefulness. If an evidence-based practice model was not utilized consider how using a model could have enhanced the improvement initiative.
Ask yourself: What quality improvement strategies can help sustain practice changes at the organizational or policy level?
Write a one page cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following: Explain a clinical practice improvement initiative you have experienced in your practice setting including the goals of the initiative and the implementation timeline. (Note: Please omit any identifying information; include only the practice setting i.e. hospital primary care office etc.)
Summarize how using an evidence-based practice model either helped or could have helped make the improvement initiative successful.
Synthesize quality improvement strategies that were or can be applied to sustain these practice changes at the organizational or policy level.

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