Internal Code: MAS5724 Management Assignment: Case Study: Founder Shawn Buckley and partner Rudy Poe opened JustFoodForDogs in January 2011 in a 1300 square foot retail kitchen in Newport Beach, California, where they produced and sold human quality healthy food for dogs. In the spring of 2013, confident in their concept, the two partners decided to open a second location in West Hollywood, California. The site for their new location was 50 miles away from their first location. With limited knowledge of the local market in the new location, the founders questioned if the positioning, messaging strategy, and brand elements used in their first location would resonate as well in the new market. Questions: By the end of this case study, student should be able to: 1) Define the role that market drivers and trends play in the development of a successful positioning strategy; 2) Identify specific consumer needs or pain points that influence purchase behaviour; 3) Define the message strategy being employed by a company to communicate with their target customers; 4) Recognize that entering a new geographic market necessitates not only understanding local demographic, psychographic, and socioeconomic variables, but also needs to assess the appeal of a firm’s messaging relative to the consumer’s pain points (positioning); 5) Perceive the importance of the contribution of different marketing elements to the success of an integrated marketing strategy. 31 total views, 2 views today

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