Internal Code: MAS 4659 Nursing Assignment Help Question: Identify the three nursing care priorities using the first four steps of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle 1. Consider the patient – describe facts and contents. This is the first stage of the clinical reasoning cycle, the nurse begins to gain an initial impression of the client’ situation. For example: his is an 89 old client – Giuseppe Guinta. He feels breathless on exertion, with wheezing and chest tightness. A 5 x 6x 0.2 cm ulcer is found at his right  nkle, with a fair amount of exudate and an offensive smell. Giuseppe lives with his wife, Regina who experiences an intermittent memory loss, in  two-storey house… 2. Collect cues/information – review the information, gather new information andrecall knowledge; Giuseppe had a history of smoking for 20 years, COPD for 10 years, hypertension and cardiac failure for 6 years… Giuseppe feels tired easily and has difficulty climbing stairs and managing garden recently. His leg ulcer shows no sign of improvement. He also feels embarrassed about the smell and exudate from his leg ulcer… 3. Process information – to interpret, discriminate, relate, infer, match the data and predict an outcome. COPD – related to smoking Shortness of breath – related to COPD and cardiac failure… Leg ulcer – related to immobility, smoking, cardiac failure and COPD… 4. Identify problems/issues – synthesise all the information that has been collected and processed in order to identify the most significant patient problems or issues. You only need to identify three (3) issues for this assignment. 14 total views, 2 views today

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