Provide a corporate briefing paper on the health and safety legislation in relation to employee protection for accidents at work. Identify current situation, who is involved, what is happening now, the current state of the matter, issue, situation, etc. Identify significant aspects of the chosen topic, key findings Identify facts on the topic and that is worth considering and highlight their advantages and disadvantages Identify actions already taken to remedy the problem or address the issues you analysed Identify financial implications of these issues, cost to the organisation, cost to the industry, financial and non-financial costs (if any) Identify any sensitive issues impacting organisation or the industry. RECOMMENDATION IN DETAIL: What needs to be done on organisational and industry level to address the issues/problems? What options does the organisation and the industry have? What are these options based on? (justification) What are the advantages and disadvantages of picking each option? (including possible cost) Pick the most appropriate option and justify your choice Explain step-by-step what the organisation and the industry need to take to action this suggestion(s). CAUTIONARY NOTE: Identify any sensitive issues impacting organisation or the industry. SUMMARY: 5-8 Bullet points Nothing new Main points you raised in your briefing paper Make sure you stated how the reader may benefit from this corporate briefing paper.

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