healthcare organizations have adopted lean thinking to reduce wastages and to improve flow efficiency in the patient flow processes.

application of lean in different healthcare settings.
providing health care for a patient workers must rely on multiple complex processes to accomplish their tasks and provide value to the customer or patient. Waste of money time supplies or good will decreases value.
Examples of lean thinking applied in health care that when applied rigorously and throughout an entire organization demonstrate a positive impact on productivity cost quality and timely delivery of services.
To Improve Efficiency and Quality of care delivered to our patient ( Identify and Eliminate wastage through continuous improvements efforts) To focus on Customer Centered Care To Improve patients and employees satisfaction

Lean implementation problems in the healthcare system
Lean Lean Definition Lean Tools and Techniques Lean Challenges Lean Implementation Lean in the Service Sectors Lean in the Healthcare System Lean Implementation Success Factors.
Research focuses on lean management and its impact on the company and its process enhancement. This thesis centres on lean implementation in the service sector with the focus on the following question: Can the lean concept be applied to the healthcare sector and if so what are the problems and critical success factors of such a process?
This research conducted at Torsby hospital and has the following objectives: To understand if the lean concept can be applied to a healthcare system or not. To introduce and identify the problems and the critical success factors that occurred when implementing Lean at the hospital.

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