Internal code- MAS4376 Health Assignment Questions- Part A: Identify the Australian postcode and the corresponding town/suburb of the area where you are currently living or studying. Identify the Traditional Custodians of that postcode using a credible source of information and provide a written Acknowledgement of Country to the Traditional Custodians. This section should be written in first person eg “I live in…..” and “I acknowledge…..” Australian postcodes are generally considered ‘common knowledge’ and do not require referencing. If you have copied an Acknowledgement of Country from a specific website please provide a reference. If the Acknowledgement of Country is written in your own words a reference is not required. Part B: Identify and discuss the relationship of Country to the health and well-being of Indigenous Australians. Your discussion does not need to be specific to the Traditional Custodians you have identified in Part A but related to Indigenous Australians in general. Indigenous understandings of health are holistic including physical, emotional, mental, cultural and spiritual dimensions. You can discuss any or all of these dimensions in the assignment. 20 total views, 2 views today

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