Executive Summary and Analysis
Website icon Executive Summary and Analysis Scoring Guide.
Presentation icon Smith Community Hospital.
This is the first component of your course project.
In this assignment you will identify the characteristics of Smith Community Hospital and the departments that will be affected with the updated IT Infrastructure.
Provide an overview of the hospital’s characteristics and structure. For example:
Identify and describe the location of the hospital.
Describe the demographics of hospital including:
The general details about the hospital. For example is it a public or private hospital is it an outpatient or inpatient hospital a standalone hospital or is it connected to a hospital system and so on.
The size of hospital number of beds.
Who the hospital serves.
The specializations are of the hospital. For example a children’s hospital or a general type of hospital.
Other types of services the hospital provides.
How long the hospital has been operating; and in what capacity?
Analyze and describe the organizational structure of the hospital system. Include:
The mission and vision of the hospital.
The departments within the hospital and their responsibilities.
Analyze and describe the clinical services of the hospital. For example what are its special primary secondary and tertiary services?
Analyze and recommend areas for improvement. Include recommendations for the following departments and areas:
Information Technology systemshardware software and telecommunication systems.
Use the Smith Community Hospital interactive to complete this assignment.
Once you are done review the Executive Summary Analysis Scoring Guide and the Strategic IT Infrastructure for a Health Care Setting course project description to ensure you have met the expectations of this assignment.

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