Team Based Health Care Delivery Discuss the team-based approaches to the delivery of health services. The focus of the paper should be one type of health care environment, such as a hospital, primary care, or long-term care facility. Within your paper, be sure to do the following: Present a patient case (this does not need to be detailed). Identify and describe the indicators and determinants of health that would influence or impact this case. Describe the impact this team-based approach would have on management and line staff. Provide an analysis of key financial and resource savings for consumers and insurance companies as they apply to this model. From a leadership position, explain the advantages of using a team-based approach. Your paper should contain the following parts: Introduction Body paragraphs (Possible headings include: Case Description, Health Care Delivery Team, Indicators and Determinants of Health, Financial and Resource Analysis, Team-Based Approach Advantages.) Conclusion Use the GCU eLibrary to seek and include at least two peer-reviewed sources. Refer to the “Academic Writing Guidelines Resource.”

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